TerraMax has discovered how to keep the bacterial good guys alive and ready to help plants grow with minimal environmental impact.

Our products help a farmer grow bigger and better crops without damaging his land.

The backbone of TerraMax products is microbial effectiveness. Our products include Azospirillum. It’s a naturally occurring, plant growth-promoting microbe (bacterium) that works as a nitrogen fixer — harvesting nitrogen from the air and soil and delivering it to root systems. Azospirillum is scientifically proven to improve root structure year after year — creating plants that can stand up to changing weather conditions.


Through scientifically developed technologies backed by years of research, TerraMax creates and produces innovative natural products that enhance productivity and benefit producers, consumers and the environment.

We approach research and development of our microbial products by discovering and harnessing the existing tools nature has provided. We continue to develop a collection of unique microorganisms for many applications using a fusion of innovation and state-of-the-art equipment. These are maintained as a preserved library of the bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi in our production environments, which are utilized to perform tasks such as maintaining hardy soil on your land.

Download one of our research papers to learn more about how we leverage Azospirillum to help farmers get more from their land:

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