In order to create hardy soil, you need to care for it.

That’s because healthy soil is very metabolically active. Soil is in a constant state of flux, changing as the climate, vegetation and environment change around it. Plants and animals respond to these changes and, in doing so, can change the basic characteristics of the soil.

Research on Azospirillum has shown positive effects on non-leguminous crops. Acting as a nitrogen fixer, Azosprillum harvests nitrogen from the air and soil and delivers it to the plant. While most microbial inoculants are applied to improve plant nutrition, Azosprillum has yielded favorable results in improving root structure year over year.

When stabilized in high enough concentrations, it can impact plant growth. Specifically, it takes nitrogen from the air and converts it to forms of nitrogen ingestible by the plant.

It wasn’t until TerraMax developed an industry-firstformulation to keep the bacteria viable and stable that the growing community really learned what this bacteria could do.

Azospirillum Overview

Increased Corn Crop Yields

In field trials of corn over the last 3 years, powdered treatments of the bacteria have helped boost yields by more than 4 bushels per acre over untreated checks. In both field and university tests, TerraMax products are proven to produce higher corn crop yields over untreated fields:

  • Field trials in South Dakota showed a 12.2 bushel per acre gain in yields over an untreated control field: 181.6 bushels versus 169.4 bushels.
  • Studies at Colorado State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln showed yield increases from 5 to 15 bushels per acre.
  • In addition, TerraMax tested Azospirillum with several conventional seed treatments and have not observed any compatibility problems.

Improved Wheat Production

As a proprietary formulation of the bacteria Azosprillum, university testing has also shown increased yield for wheat. Conclusions include:

  • MicroAZ™ has been tested in multi-year farmer-managed field tests, showing a consistent 5 to 10 bushel per acre yield increase. In spring field testing, MicroAZ  improved stand and plant account by 40 to 80%, resulting in an average yield increase of 5 bushels per acre.
  • Additionally, protein levels in Hard Red Spring wheat were improved by an average of 1%.
  • Detailed field results are available upon request.

Give Azospirillum a try.

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