Pit and Lagoon Treatment

MicroPT is a special nutrient blend that provides superior biostimulation mixed with several strains of microorganisms. MicroPT contains beneficial bacteria that aid in the digestion and liquefaction of animal waste solids. This also stimulates the environment for better aerobic activity. This product has been successfully tested and is in use in bioreactors and pits for hog waste. The microorganisms in MicroPT are naturally occurring and will not harm the environment.

The bacteria and other microorganisms have the ability to reduce the total nitrogen and ammonia content of the waste. An important benefit of the liquefaction of the waste is the reduction in odor-causing compounds. When the waste is liquefied and the nutrient levels are adjusted, the waste can be spread on fields with ease.


  • Establishes the desired strains in the pits or lagoons
  • Encourages the establishment of an environment to maintain these strains
  • Liquefies the solid waste for ease in pumping
  • Reduces the total nitrogen content of the waste
  • Lowers the ammonia content of the waste
  • Reduces the levels of odor-causing compounds
  • Reduces crusting on pit
  • Use 2 gallons per 200,000-gallon pit volume


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