Why TerraMax?

The backbone of TerraMax products is microbial effectiveness. One of those microbes is Azospirillum. It's a naturally occurring, plant growth-promoting microbe (bacterium) that harvests nitrogen from the air and soil and delivers it to root systems.

However, it wasn’t until TerraMax developed an industry-first formulation to keep the bacteria viable and stable that the growing community really learned what this bacteria could do.

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Corn products include:

Soybean products include:

Wheat products include:



AZGreen-IF, used for corn, contains two strains of Azospirillum: Azospirillum lipoferum and brasilense.

AZGreen-ST Liquid™

AZGreen-ST Dry is known to fix atmospheric nitrogen and is an organic seed treatment for wheat.

TerraMax Green Liquid™

TerraMax Green Liquid is an innoculant for soybeans.

AZGreen-ST Dry™

AZGreen-ST Dry is an organic seed treatment for corn.

TerraMax Green Dry™

TerraMax Green Dry is a dry innoculant for soybeans that mixes well with seed to assure even coverage.

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