Our microbiological root stimulant for wheat production, Micro-AZ, specifically increases root mass and improves stand development.

We have proof. The backbone of our products is microbial effectiveness. Using our proprietary formulation of the bacteria Azospirillum, one of the microbes, university testing has shown an increased wheat yield. Conclusions include:

  • Micro-AZ has also been tested in multi-year, farmer-managed field tests, showing a consistent 5 to 10 bushel per acre yield increase. In spring field testing, Micro-AZ improved stand and plant account by 40 to 80%, resulting in an average yield increase of 5 bushels per acre.
  • Additionally, protein levels in Hard Red Spring wheat were improved by an average of 1%.
  • Detailed field results are available upon request.

Learn how Micro-AZ can increase your wheat’s root mass and improve stand development here.


MicroAz-ST Liquid™

MicroAZ-ST Liquid is a root stimulant for wheat.

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