At TerraMax, we use scientific applications of technologies to enhance traditional farming practices, including the management of pests.

Our spray adjuvant solutions work alongside pesticides to control or eliminate pests. Our solutions, including CAPSOYL® and MicroVance™, are scientifically proven to enhance the vitality of your crops and keep pests away.

Learn more about our farmer-tested and proven spray adjuvants:

  • CAPSOYL: A de-gummed, once-refined soybean oil and a high-grade emulsifier that works as a spreader, sticker, drift reduction agent and penetrant for use with pesticides
  • MicroVance: A specifically formulated 0-3-3 micro-nutrient mixture with a unique stabilizing agent that is used to replace AMS (Ammonium Sulfate)

Let TerraMax and our spray adjuvants help control your problem with pests. 

Spray Adjuvants


CAPSOYL is made from de-gummed, once refined soybean oil and high-grade emulsifier. This mixture consists of 93% soy oil and 7% emulsifier.

MicroVance™ Spray Adjuvant

MicroVance Spray Adjuvant is a specially formulated 0-3-3 micro-nutrient mixture with a unique solubilizing agent.

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