Science is our products’ backbone.

University research has identified that numerous micoorganisms can do everything from controlling insects to stimulating plant growth.

However, relatively few microorganisms have been realized into reliable and functional products for the market. Additionally, cost of final product, storage, inconsistent performance and shelf life are key factors that contribute to the lack of commercialization of these organisms.

The lack of accessibility and functionality is what led the experts at TerraMax to develop an Azospirillum product for corn crops. Our company has been able to extend the shelf life of our Azospirillum product for corn, allowing for an average shelf life of 18 to 24 months.

Available in both powder planter box treatments and liquid form, our extended shelf life has enhanced plant growth in corn — and we have the scientific research to prove it.


MicroAZ-IF Liquid™

MicroAZ-IF Liquid is a liquid Azospirillum inoculant for corn.

MicroAZ-ST Dry™

Dry is in a special nutrient blend that provides superior stability for corn.

2012 Studies Show Increased Yields
A recent example of stabilized Azospirillum and its significant crop yields effects are 2012 field studies, conducted by TerraMax on corn crops in Wahoo, Neb., and Fostoria, Iowa. Powdered treatments of microbial inoculant added to corn seeds pre-planting produced increased yields by more than 6.2 bushels per acre over untreated fields. In terms of return on investment (ROI), $1 equated to $6 of corn. In field trials of corn over the last 3 years, powdered treatments of the bacteria have helped boost yields by more than 4 bushels per acre over untreated checks. In both field and university tests, TerraMax products are proven to produce higher corn crop yields over untreated fields:
  • Field trials in South Dakota showed a 12.2 bushel per acre gain in yields over an untreated control field: 181.6 bushels versus 169.4 bushels.
  • Studies at Colorado State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln showed yield increases from 5 to 15 bushels per acre.
  • In addition, TerraMax tested Azospirillum with several conventional seed treatments and have not observed any compatibility problems.
It’s clear. The use of microbial products is gaining momentum within the farm industry. By maintaining hearty soil through stabilized Azospirillum, farmers have an alternate, natural and cost-effective choice for their crops. Give Azospirillum a try.

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